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Information on these pages remains the confidential property of AVDC.

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Alliance Primer and FAQs

Documents Available

Current Constitution, By-Laws and General Policy Statements

Constitution of the College

By-Laws of the College

Ethical Standard Statement

Confidentiality Policy Regarding Individuals

(College position statements on several topics are available from the Position Statement page on the public-access part of the web site).


The AVDC Directory is now available via the AVDC DMS system. You can update your personal information via DMS once you are logged in. You can print a .PDF version of the Directory for your personal information - please note that information in the AVDC Directory that is available to Diplomates from the DMS page (other than office address and telephone number) is to be kept confidential to AVDC Diplomates. When a member of the public clicks the Diplomate list link on the main AVDC web page, a list of Diplomates organized by state/country is displayed, with information limited to name, office address, office telephone number and office web site.

Committees and Representatives

Committee Structure and Committee and Representative Assignments

Committee Standard Operating Procedures:

Appeals Committee SOP

Appeals Committee Report Form

Awards Committee SOP

Credentials Committee SOP

Examination Committee SOP

Fiscal and Audit Committee SOP

Nomenclature Committee SOP

Policy and Standards Committee SOP

Training Support Committee SOP

Minutes of AVDC Annual Business Meetings:

2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

Diplomate Newsletters and College Pulse:

March 2006

June 2006

Winter 2006

Summer 2007

Winter 2007

Summer 2008

Winter 2008

Winter 2009

Summer 2010

Winter 2010

Summer 2011

Winter 2011

Summer 2012

Winter 2012

Summer 2013

Winter 2013

Summer 2014

College Pulse Nov 2014

College Pulse 1 December 2014

College Pulse 2, December 2014

Residency Program Information and Forms

Residency Program Site Requirements

Residency Site Approval Application Form

Residency Site Re-approval Form

Miscellaneous Items

Mentee and Mentor Manual

Mentor Requests

JAVMA Diagnostic Imaging in Veterinary Dental Practice

Expense Reimbursement Form

Logo and Brochure

AVDC Logo (.jpg file)

AVDC Logo (.tiff color file)

AVDC Logo (.tiff B&W file)

AVDC Logo (.eps color file)

AVDC Logo (.eps B/W file)

Black and White Brochure

Color Brochure

AVDC Seal (.jpg file)

Customizing the Brochure

Click the ‘Black and White Brochure’ or ‘Color Brochure’ link on the Diplomate Pages Index. It will take a few minutes for either file to down-load because of the images they contain. Save the file under a name of your choice on your computer.

Open the file you just saved. The files are in MS Word format, and will automatically open in Word if that is your standard word-processing program.

There are three areas, all on the first page, that you can customize. The two customizable text areas have pink text. The customizable photo box is outlined in pink.

New text: Place your cursor over the pink area and left-click your mouse. This highlights the box and allows you to delete Tony Woodward’s information and insert your personal information. Remember to change the text color, unless you want it to appear in pink! Save your file.

New picture: To insert a picture of yourself in place of Tony's smile: With the appropriate page of the brochure as the current open page, click Insert on the Command bar, then Picture/From File or Clip Art. Browse to the image you wish to include. and click Insert. The image will be inserted at the top left of the brochure page. From the View tab in the Command bar, click Toolbars/Picture then click on the picture. Crop the picture if necessary using the Crop command in the Picture Format menu then click Layout/Front of Text. This will place the image on top of the text and allow you to drag to image to the right location. Scale the image to fit the space using the corner anchor points. Click save.

After you have saved your file, it is ready for your printer or a trip to Kinko’s.

If you need help, a local web designer (or your teenage child) will be able to make the changes for you.

Diplomate E-mail List-Serv - "DipVDig"

Diplomates are encouraged to participate in the AVDC list-serv "DipVDig" . This is an informal way by which Diplomates can communicate with each other about clinical cases and lots of other topics. Messages sent to the list-serv are received as e-mails by all diplomates who choose to participate.

Only AVDC diplomates are eligible for inclusion. The list-serv messages are not official AVDC documents, and personal opinions are welcome - communications do get lively at times, but no "flames", please!

New diplomates are automatically signed up. You can subscribe or unsubscribe for DipVDig at ant time. Log in to DMS, click View My Personal Information and then click Edit. Scroll down to the List-serv section and either click or unclick the DipVDig box.