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Pre-Approval Process


Entry to AVDC is by completion of Credentials and Examination processes. The Credentials Process includes review and approval of several required items by the Credentials Committee.

Trainees may submit a complete Credentials Application as a single package of all required materials. However, to make the Credentials Application process as stress-free as possible, AVDC offers a Pre-Approval option for several required items, whereby significant parts of the application package can be submitted for Pre-Approval prior to submitting a completed Credentials Application.  If an item is Pre-Approved, the trainee will receive a Pre-Approval Certificate, which takes the place of the required item in a completed Credentials Application package.

Insufficient quality of items such as case reports and radiographic sets is the most common reason for rejection of an application package. Use of the Pre-Approval Process will help to prevent such disappointments when the Credentials Application is submitted.

All Pre-Approval items are to be sent to the AVDC Executive Secretary via DMS.

Pre-Approval Window

Because the Credentials Committee is busy reviewing Credentials Application packages from July 15 through September 15, items will be accepted for Pre-Approval only from September 15th to May 1st each year.  Items received in the Executive Secretary’s office after May 1st will not be reviewed until the next Pre-Approval window. The exception to this rule is that pre-approval items from trainees intending to submit a credentials application may be submitted after May 1, so that review can be underway prior to the July 15th credentials application dealine.

The Following Items May Be Submitted for Pre-Approval

Electronic submission is required for all Pre-Approval items – check the relevant information documents for submission details.

  • Equipment, instruments and supplies list.  Click Credentials  Equipment  List for more information.
  • Dental charts. Click Dental Chart for more information.
  • Specialty Training Certification. Click Anesthesia, Radiology, Surgery Training for more information.
  • Case Reports and published articles. Click Case Report and CREP Information for more information. A total of four approved case reports or CREP points is required for successful completion of the Credentials Application process.
  • Radiograph Sets. Click Radiograph Set Information for more information. Approved canine and feline sets of dental radiographs are required for successful completion of the Credentials Application process. Individual radiograph sets may be submitted for Pre-Approval during the Pre-Approval window.
Pre-Approval Process

Case Reports and Radiograph Sets submitted for Pre-Approval are reviewed blindly (the identification of the trainee is not known to the Credentials Committee review team members).  The other items for which pre-approval review is permitted (Equipment List, Dental Chart, and Specialty Training) are submitted with the trainee’s identifying information.
When an item for Pre-Approval review is received by the AVDC Executive Secretary, a code number is assigned if it is a case report or radiographic set. The item is then sent via DMS to a Credentials Committee review team.
The evaluation criteria and the forms and processes used by the Credentials Committee are the same whether the item was reviewed via the Pre-Approval process or following submission of a Credentials Application Package.
The results of the individual reviews are collected and reviewed by the Credentials Committee Chair and a report is sent to the Executive Secretary, who sends formal notification of the results of the review to the trainee.
The College makes every effort to inform trainees of the result of the pre-approval process within 10 weeks of receipt of the item.



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