How to Register an AVDC Residency Training Program

Acceptance into an AVDC-approved Residency Program is required before proceeding further.

If you are interested in becoming an AVDC veterinary dentist and have not identified an AVDC Diplomate who is willing to be your Residency Supervisor, check the list of AVDC-approved Residency Programs. If you are unable to reach agreement with a potential supervisor at an existing AVDC-approved residency site, you can contact other AVDC Diplomates to ask whether they would be willing to take you on as a full-time or part-time resident. Note that, if a diplomate is willing to consider taking responsibility as Supervisor of your part-time or full-time residency training program and s/he is not already an AVDC-approved Residency Site Supervisor, s/he will have to complete the AVDC Residency Site application process before your training program registration can be approved.
Equine Program exception: Applications for entry to an Equine Residency program can be submitted and approved provisionally, pending submission and approval of an Equine Residency Site Application; the Residency Site application is to be submitted within six months of the approval date of the Residency Program application.

Please note that if you apply for a Part-time Residency program, the first four weeks of the program MUST be spent with your Supervisor. On average, 8 weeks will be required to be spent with your Supervisor each year to meet the minimum diplomate supervision requirement.

Before preparing a Residency Program Registration application, read the Training Program Requirements carefully.

Additional detailed information about specific training program requirements is available by clicking Information For Registered Residents. You are advised to read through these documents before submitting an application for registration of your program, so that you are well informed about the extent of the requirements before you proceed further.

Following acceptance into a Residency Program, the next step is to request login access to the AVDC Document Management System (DMS). Send an e-mail to the AVDC Executive Director requesting DMS log-in access for registration of your program, stating the name of your Residency Program Supervisor and the proposed Residency Program Registration start date. You will receive confirmation of DMS registration and notification of your temporary password by e-mail.

Following receipt of the e-mail, log in to DMS using your assigned UserName and temporary password. Read the Getting Started in DMS document (available on the DMS 'Welcome' page).

Click View-Edit My Personal Information, then click Edit This Information and complete the personal information section; you can insert a new password of your choice. Be sure to click Save Changes before exiting the Edit Personal Information screen. Note that some of the items in the Personal Information screen, such as the Status line, Supervisor name and Program Registration date, are reserved for AVDC administrative use.

Now you are ready to assemble and submit the Program Registration Application.

The proposed registration date will not be approved by AVDC if the signed application and fee is received more than 30 days following the proposed registration start date.

The AVDC review process for the program registration may extend beyond the proposed starting date of the training program; this will not affect the program start date. You may start to log cases and involve yourself in other training program activities from your proposed start date onwards, pending confirmation of registration of your program.

For a Full-time Residency Training Program at an AVDC-approved Residency Site:

A. The signed Residency Registration Application Form (co-signed by the Diplomate Supervisor) and fee. If this item was mailed to the Executive Seceretary, the Executive Director will scan and upload it to the DMS document.

B. Applicant's curriculum vitae in AVDC format.

C. Proposed arrangements for meeting the anesthesia, radiology, surgery Specialty Training requirements.

For a Part-time Residency Registration form at an AVDC-approved Residency Site:

A. The signed Residency Registration Application Form (co-signed by the Diplomate Supervisor) and fee. If this item was mailed to the Executive Seceretary, the Executive Director will scan and upload it to the DMS document.

B. Applicant's curriculum vitae in AVDC format.

C. Proposed arrangements for meeting the anesthesia, radiology and surgery Specialty Training requirements.

D. A list of the equipment and supplies available to you at you practice, indicating that you are equipped to commence the planned training program when you are working in your own practice environment. See AVDC Initial Equipment List.

E. A list of relevant Books and Journals available to you at your practice.

Additional Notes:

You may log cases and participate in other training program activities from the time of the proposed registration start-date, pending confirmation of registration of the program. Confirmation by AVDC of registration of the training program and start date is required before training program activities will be accepted for AVDC Credentials purposes.

AVDC registration of a training program provides recognition that the program is acceptable to AVDC as described by the applicant and upon validation by the program supervisor.

Registration by AVDC is, of itself, not an assurance of the quality of training, or that the applicant will successfully complete the AVDC credentialing and examination requirements.

Contact the Executive Director if you have any questions about the registration application process.

Use of Specialty Titles

The AVMA Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics state: It is unethical for veterinarians to identify themselves as or in any way imply that they are members of an AVMA-recognized specialty organization until such time as such certification has been awarded. AVDC has adopted the Guidelines for Use of Specialty Titles, prepared by the American Board of Veterinary Specialties of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

By signing the AVDC Training Program Registration form, an individual submitting an application for registration of a training program acknowledges that  s/he may not use the terms 'board eligible', 'board qualified', 'veterinary dental specialist' or 'veterinary dentist', and may not make or imply any connection with AVDC until such time as the individual passes the AVDC examination and is awarded the AVDC Diploma.

The registration of an AVDC training program of an individual who is not in compliance with the policy stated above may be terminated by AVDC, in which case the individual will not be permitted to complete the AVDC credentials and/or the examination procedures, and, when appropriate, the circumstances may be reported by AVDC to the individual's State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.

AVDC Process Following Receipt of a Complete Training Program Application

1. Following receipt by AVDC of the Training Program Registration application form, fee and associated documents, the application is forwarded to the Executive Director of the AVDC for review.

2. The Executive Director will inform you if complete and when the program start date begins.