Residency Program Information

The following program and sites have been approved by AVDC for residency training for the AVDC Diploma. Many of these programs do not take a new resident every year. Contact the Program Director to find out whether a new position is available this year - click the program site name to view the program website and to obtain contact information.

All Pets Dental Clinic ** Weston, FL Dr. Jan Bellows (NSS)
Alpine Animal Hospital ** Carbondale, CO Dr. Louise Marron (NSS)
Animal Dental Care ** Colorado Springs, CO Dr. Patrick R Vall (NSS)
Animal Dental Center ** Annapolis, Columbia, and Towson, MD and York, PA Dr. Ira Luskin
Dr. Mary
Krakowski Volker
Animal Dental Clinic ** Vienna, VA Dr. Barron P. Hall (NSS)
Animal Dental Clinic NW *** Portland, OR Dr. Jean Battig (NSS)
Animal Dental Services ** Knoxville, TN Dr. Sharon Startup (NSS)
Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery Specialists, LLC ** Oshkosh, WI Dr. Dale Kressin (NSS)
Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists ** Scottsdale, AZ Dr. Curt Coffman (NSS)
Barrington Animal Hospital *** Barrington, IL Dr. Barbara Stapleton (NSS)
BluePearl Veterinary Partners, Minn ** Eden Prairie, MN Dr. Emily Edstrom (NSS)
Center for Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery ** Gaithersburg, MD Dr. Mark Smith,
Dr. Kendall Taney
Colorado State University ** Fort Collins, CO Dr. Jennifer Rawlinson (NSS)
Companion Animal Dentistry KC ** Lenexa, KS Dr. Scott MacGee (NSS)
Cornell University Veterinary Hospital ** Ithaca, NY Dr. Santiago Peralta (NSS)
Dallas Veterinary Dentistry & Oral Surgery ** Grapevine, TX Dr. Debra Nossaman (NSS)
Dental Vets, Ltd. *** East Lothian, Scotland Dr. Norman Johnston (NSS)
Dentistry for Animals ** Aptos, CA Dr. Judy Force (NSS)
Dixboro Veterinary Dental Center ** Ann Arbor, MI Dr. Ben H. Colmery III (NSS)
Dog and Cat Dentist, Inc. ** Culver City, CA Dr. Anson J. Tsugawa (NSS)
East Bay Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Walnut Creek, CA Dr. Katrina C
Hall-Essoe (NSS)
Eastside Veterinary Dentistry ** Woodinville, WA Dr. Allen D. Matson (NSS)
Equine Veterinary Dental Services LLC ** Granville, OH Dr. Jeffrey Reiswig (EQ)
Equine Veterinary Practice LLC ** Shelbyville, KY Dr. Jack Easley (EQ)
Goodison Veterinary Center PC ** Rochester, MI Dr. Molly Angel (NSS)
Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists ** Houston, TX Dr. Chanda Miles (NSS)
Hale Veterinary Clinic *** Guelph, ON Dr. Fraser Hale (NSS)
Hallam Veterinary Clinic/Dental Care for Pets ** Hallam, VIC, Australia Dr. David E. Clarke
Hospital for Veterinary Dentistry & Oral Surgery ** Matthews, NC Dr. Kristin Scott (NSS)
Main Street Vet Hosp and Dental Clinic ** Flower Mound, TX Dr. Heidi Lobprise (NSS)
Memphis Veterinary Specialists ** Cordova, TN Dr. Barden Greenfield (NSS)
Midwest Equine Services ** Elkhorn, WI Dr. Travis J Henry (EQ)
Pet Dental Center ** Bonita Springs, FL Dr. Wade Gingerich(NSS)
Pacific Coast ** Encinitas, CA Dr. Glenn Brigden (NSS)
The Animal Medical Center ** New York, NY Dr. Django Martel (NSS)
The Pet Dentist at Tampa Bay ** Tampa Bay, FL Dr. Christopher Smithson (NSS)
Salem Valley Veterinary Clinic** Salem, CT Dr. Robert Baratt (NSS/EQ)
Southern California Veterinary Dental Specialties** San Diego, CA Dr. Brook Niemiec (NSS)
Town and Country Animal Clinic/Animal Dental
Center of WYN
Cheektowaga, NY Dr. David E. Hansen (NSS)
University of California-Davis ** Davis, CA Dr. Frank Verstraete (NSS)
Dr. Nicola Pusterla (NSS)
University of Illinois ** Champaign, IL Dr. Amy Somrak (NSS)
University of Minnesota St. Paul, MN Dr. Stephanie Goldschmidt (NSS)
University of Montreal Montreal, QC Dr. Yvan Dumais (NSS)
University of Pennsylvania ** Philadelphia, PA Dr. Alexander Reiter
University of Veterinary Medicine,
Vienna (Vetmeduni)
Vienna, Austria Dr. Robert Menzies (NSS)
University of Wisconsin ** Madison, WI Dr. Christopher Snyder
Veterinary Dental Services ** Boxborough, MA Dr. Bonnie Shope (NSS)
Veterinary Dentistry Specialists ** Mt. Laurel, NJ Dr. Carlos Rice (NSS)
Veterinary Dentistry & Oral Surgery of NM *** Albuquerque and
Santa Fe, NM
Dr. Kris Bannon (NSS)
Vet Med Center Long Island ** West Islip, NY Dr. Daniel Carmichael (NSS)
Village Animal Clinic ** Farmington, MI Dr. Thomas H. Kavanagh (NSS)
West Coast Veterinary Dental Services ** Vancouver, Canada Dr. Loic Legendre (NSS)

** Apply directly to Program Director. Application deadline is determined by the Program Director.

** Apply via the Veterinary Intern and Resident Matching Program. The VIRMP application deadline is early December each year.

*** Currently Inactive.

For Program Director Contact Information, visit the Diplomate List