Information For Registered Residents

English is the official language of AVDC.

All documents, forms and examinations provided by AVDC are written in English, and all materials submitted by residents are to be written in English.

Documents available as links from this page are either general documents applicable to both the Equine and Small Animal diploma tracks, or are specifically labelled in color as Equine or Small Animal.

Be sure to check the Changes for 2019 document so that you are aware of the most recent changes that affect the AVDC Training Program and Examination requirements.

Major changes in AVDC training program requirements are not applied retroactively. For information on previous training program requirements click:

Changes for 2002, Changes for 2007

Changes for 2008, Changes for 2009,

Changes for 2010, Changes for 2011

Changes for 2012, Changes for 2013

Changes for 2014, Changes for 2015

Changes for 2016,  Changes for 2017

Changes for 2018

To review the current General Training Program Requirements, click General Requirements.

To log into the Document Management System (DMS) for registered residents, click DMS

AVDC documents available on this web-site are revised to be in concordance with the most recent Changes document released in December or January of each year - date-sensitive documents such as Application Forms will include a "Released: DATE" or similar notation at the bottom of the document. If in doubt about current AVDC policy or documents, send an email note to


Critical Dates for AVDC Training Programs

General AVDC Diploma Requirements

Applicant, Resident, Candidate and Supervisor Definitions

A veterinarian registed in an AVDC training program is referred to as a Resident. Residents in a pre-2014 Alternate Pathway program are required to refer to themselves as Alternate Pathway Residents. Veterinarians in a training program with a registered start date of January 1st, 2014 or later are referred to as Full-time or Part-time residents.

An Applicant is a veterinarian who is applying for registration of a training program with AVDC, or is a veterinarian who has completed the required training program and is applying for credentials review.

A veterinarian who has completed an AVDC-approved training program and whose credentials have been approved is known as a Candidate.

Every resident has a Supervisor, who is an AVDC diplomate who has agreed to supervise the training program of a particular resident.

Use of Specialty Titles

The AVMA Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics state: It is unethical for veterinarians to identify themselves as or in any way imply that they are members of an AVMA-recognized specialty organization until such time as such certification has been awarded. AVDC has adopted the Guidelines for Use of Specialty Titles, prepared by the American Board of Veterinary Specialties of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

By signing the AVDC Training Program Registration form, an individual submitting an application for registration of a training program acknowledges that s/he may not use the terms 'board eligible', 'board qualified', 'veterinary dental specialist' or 'veterinary dentist', and may not make or imply any connection with AVDC until such time as the individual passes the AVDC examination and is awarded the AVDC Diploma.

The registration of an AVDC training program of an individual who is not in compliance with the policy stated above may be terminated by AVDC, in which case the individual will not be permitted to complete the AVDC credentials and/or the examination procedures, and, when appropriate, the circumstances may be reported by AVDC to the individual's State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.

Documents are available either in Acrobat.pdf format (to view or to print), or in Word.doc format (to save and submit electronically).

You will need the current version of Acrobat Reader soft-ware program to read several of these documents. Acrobat Reader is a free program. Click and follow the on-screen instructions.

Documents and Forms available for downloading from the list below are underlined.

Links to Related Forms


for case logs

Abbreviation List - Acrobat

Abbreviation List - Word

Annual Reports

Equine Annual Report Form

Small Animal Annual Reports:

Select the form that you need:

A. If you intend to submit a credentials application in 2019.

B. If not, and you were a registered trainee prior to March 1, 2018, use this form.

C. If your training program registration date is after March 1, 2018, and before Jan 1, 2019, use this form.

Equine Supervisor Annual Report Form

Equine Committee Annual Report Review Form

Small Animal Supervisor Annual Report Form

Small Animal Committee Annual Report Review Form

Appeal Policy

Appeal Policy Document

Appeal Fee Payment by Credit Card


Specialty Training Requirement

Anesthesia, Radiology, Surgery

Specialty Training Record Form

Specialty Training Submission Form

Case Log Information

Requirements, Submission Instructions

Equine Case Logs

Small Animal Case Logs

Triadan tooth numbers

Case Log Examples

MRCL Cadaver Form - Acrobat


MRCL Cadaver Form - Word


Form for correcting 'old format' MRCL Forms

Case Report and CREP Information

Case Report and Alternatives to Case Report (CREP) system

Requirements, content, format, submission



For 2014 Publication Requirement documents, scroll down to 'Publications Requirements'

Case Report Supervisor Form

Case Report Credentials Committee Review Form

Book Chapter Supervisor Form

Solicited Article Supervisor Form

Unsolicited Article Supervisor Form

Book Chapter Credentials Committee review form

Solicited Article Credentials Committee review form

Unsolicited Article Credentials Committee review form

Credentials Application Information

Equine Credentials Application

documents are available as links on the Equine Diploma web page

Small Animal Credentials Application Content, format, submission, reference letters

Small Animal Credentials Application Form

Credential Application Fee Payment by Credit Card

Credentials Application Supervisor Report Form

Reference Letter + Waiver Form

Credentials Application - Committee Review Form

Curriculum Vitae

AVDC Format Information

DMS - Getting Started with AVDC's Document Management System

Dental Charts

Equine Dental Chart Information documents are available as links on the Equine Diploma web page

Small Animal Dental Charts

Requirement and examples

Dental Chart Submission Form

Dual Diploma Requirements


Equine Equipment Information documents are available as links on the Equine Diploma web page

Small Animal Initial Equipment List

For a Training Program Registration Application.

Small Animal Final Equipment List -

For review by the Credentials Committee

Initial Equipment List


Credentials Equipment List


Credentials Equipment Submission Form

Examination Information

Equine Examination Information 2019 Phase 1/2, updated: 11/18/18

Equine Examination Phase 2 Overview, updated: 12/31/18

Equine Phase 2 Education & Training Document, updated: 12/31/18

Small Animal Examination information, updated: 02/19/19

Small Animal Phase 2 Exam Overview Document, updated: 10/22/18

Small Animal Phase 2 Education & Training Document, updated 10/22/18

These documents include the Written examination blue-print, the Practical Examination Procedure List and the Suggested Reading List

Exam Fee Payment by Credit Card

Examination Security Form

Examination Disability Policy and Form

Leave of Absence Policy and Form

Mentor Manual


AVDC-Approved definitions for use in veterinary dentistry

Pre-Approval Process

How to submit items before the Credentials Application deadline

Publication Requirements

Publication Requirements

AVDC Publication Requirements that became effective January 1st, 2014.

Case Report Supervisor Form

Case Report Cred Comm review


Book Chapter Supervisor Form

Solicited Article Supervisor Form

Unsolicited Article Supervisor Form


Delayed Submission of Publication Form


Book Chapter Credentials Committee review form

Solicited Article Credentials Committee review form

Unsolicited Article Credentials Committee review form


Radiograph Set Information

Equine Radiograph Set

documents are available via links on the Equine Diploma web page

Small Animal Radiograph Set Description of the requirement

Small Animal Radiographic Set Technique Description

Cat Example 1

Cat Example 2

Dog Example 3

Dog Example 4

Radiograph Set Submission Form

Small Animal Credentials Committee Radiograph Set Review Form

Reinstatement Policy

Reinstatement of a training program subsequent to withdrawal from the program


Residency Programs

Site Approval Requirements

Information for Diplomates

Site Approval Application

Form for Diplomates

Application Process for

Registration as an AVDC-approved Resident

Application Form for

Residency Program Registration

Residency App Fee Credit Card Form

List of AVDC-Approved Residency Sites

Visitation and Residency Supervision requirement for Alternate Pathway or full-time residents whose training program was registered December 31st, 2013 or earlier, and for full-time or part-time residents whose training program was registered on January 1st, 2014 or later.

Visitation Form for use by Alternate Pathway (pre-2014) Residents

Welcome Letter - program changes, internal AVDC processes.